Date-bobby bean falafel
parsley ayran and preserved lemon
Roasted Atlantic scallops
fricassee of artichokes, green asparagus and Roscoff onions
wild garlic sauce
Saddle of Limousin lamb
gratinated fennel
gravy emulsified with olive oil
Fresh and matured raw milk cheese
by Bouton d’Or
French toast baked in custard of green olives
grapefruit marmelade
iced mozzarella coulis

4-course menu: 130 € per person
4-course menu: 150 € per person

5-course menu: 140 €** per person
5-course menu: 160 €** per person

This menu is available for dinner only from April 5th and April 6th 2015 at the restaurant Fischers Fritz for Lunch and Dinner.

**Order a Heart For Children Menu and € 10 will be donated 
to the Charity “A Heart For Children”, supporting the
BILD Charity,  for over three Million children in Germany,
living below the poverty line.

All prices VAT and service included.

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F. +49 (0) 30 – 20 33 61 19