Christian Lohse – Fischers Fritz holds the accolade of two Michelin stars for the seventh consecutive year!

Why not pay a visit to Fischers Fritz gourmet restaurant and take a culinary trip into a world of delicious gourmet dishes and fish specialities? Our chef de cuisine Christian Lohse together with his team of chefs, who have been awarded with two Michelin stars for their work at Fischers Fritz, invite you to sample some of their exquisite, finest quality creations in a most exclusive ambience.

The north captured Berlin: this year, the theme of 9th kitchen party at the 2 starred restaurant Fischers was‘Vikings in Berlin’. Chef de Cuisine Christian Lohse invited many celebrated chefs from the north. Together they transformed his kitchen into a stage of culinary delights.

Some impressionen please find here!

We would like to thank all chefs, wine makers and partners for a wonderful and culinary evening.

Our partner!

The Regent Berlin has teamed up with Axel Springer’s anchor charity project “A Heart for Children – Ein Herz für Kinder”! Feeling peckish and charitable? Order a 1-, 2- or 3-course lunch menu, or any dinner menu, and *€5, respectively *€10 will be donated to “A Heart for Children”, BILD’s Charity organization.

About three million children who live below the poverty line (with an upward trend) are registered in Germany. More than 800.000 children are under-nourished and are being deprived of basic amenities. They do not only walk to school with an empty stomach – they even run the risk of getting seriously ill, as their bodies and organs are unable to grow correctly due to malnutrition.

The aid organisation of BILD assists and supports many institutions such as soup kitchens and so called arks in Germany. Here the children do not only receive a hot meal, they get attention and fondness, too, to make them feel at home somewhere. Furthermore they have contact to adults who have an open ear for their problems and give assistance with their home-work. They spend time with people, with whom they can spend untroubled hours and have a lot of fun with. Excursions and holiday camps are also offered. Unfortunately this is not to be taken for granted in most of the parent’s houses they live in. Not only the number of children who live in poverty rises recently, more and more parents neglect or even abuse their children these days.

In 1978 Axel Springer set up the BILD’s charitable organization – initially as a campaign for greater road safety. BILD’s charity “Ein Herz für Kinder” now encompasses a large spectrum and has developed into one of the most effective and multifunctional charitable organizations in Germany, Europe and the world. Two-thirds of all donations received are used in Germany alone.
Thank you very much for helping us to to fight child poverty
Your Team at The Regent Berlin

Ein Herz Für Kinder


Guests get the perfect musical garnish for the perfect dinner: 
2 Michelin starred restaurant Fischers Fritz features live piano
music Thursday through Saturday, from 7:00 to 11:00 pm.

Indulge in French-inspired cuisine with exquisite fish and seafood
delicacies. Subtle yet sophisticated, they complement the
restaurant’s atmosphere of balance and class.

Enjoy sublime musical moments all played with sensitivity adding
to the pleasure of a delightful evening.

Thursday through Saturday
from 7:00 to 11:00 pm

For reservations please contact
Phone: +49 (0) 30 20 33 63 63